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Team Name:
Matthew Machicek
1956 / Minneapolis-Moline / 335
Rogers High School
Rogers FFA
Rogers, TX
Tractor Details:
I removed sheet metal, radiator assembly, fuel system and electrical system. I disassembled the engine. The engine block and heads were dipped and degreased. Crankshaft was ground. Valves were replaced. Valve seats were ground. Cylinder block was bored. Front rims were not original. The rusted rear rims with rails were replaced. I sent the rims, center discs, some sheet metal and cast pieces to be sandblasted. New tires were bought. Generator and starter were rebuilt. I installed a new wiring harness. New bearings, seals, and gaskets were installed in transmission, differential, and axles. The Ampli-Torc carrier was rusted and replaced. The hydraulic pump was badly worn and was replaced. Most sheet metal was in good shape. The hood needed work. The tractor and sheet metal were primed followed by a coat of Prairie Gold 2. The front rims and rear center discs were primed followed by a coat of Cherry Red. The rear rims with rails were primed followed by a coat of Diamond Silver Metallic.


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