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Team Name:
Dubiski Career High FFA
1958 / John Deere / 420 V
Dubiski Career High School
Dubiski Career High FFA
Grand Prairie , TX
Tractor Details:
Our 1958 John Deere 420 V was found at an equipment auction on the East Coast in North Carolina. This tractor was 1 of 86 produced over its three year production run. Our documentation shows this Phase III tractor to be the first produced in 1958. It came with multiple options added on to the tractor which made it more expensive and unique. The overall condition of our tractor was hard to determine when the tractor arrived. It came with a pile of parts and pieces that needed to be put back on the tractor before we could even think about trying to get it running. We began by taking inventory of the parts we knew we had, and made a list of the things we would have to find. We soon realized that this tractor would need a major overhaul to get it back to the “Better than New” condition that we were striving for.


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