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Tractor Restoration Competition

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Team Name:
St Peter FFA Mechanics
1936 / Farmall / F20
St Peter High School
St Peter FFA
St Peter, MN
Tractor Details:
The 1936 Farmall F20 owned by my grandfather was selected. The tractor was fairly complete but had been stored for many years and was not running. Our first engagement was to assess the mechanical viability of the engine and drive train. Upon inspection, the main bearings, crankshaft, pistons, and sleeves were within original tolerance and clean. The head, valves and valve guides needed attention, grinding and lapping of the valve seats and polishing of the valve stems allowed the valves to function properly and with in tolerance. A new head gasket was placed and the magneto was rebuilt, fluids changed and the engine roared to life. The cooling system, particularly the radiator, needed repair so it was re-cored. Numerous bearings, gaskets, and shims were replaced in the main drive train as well as the brake system. Bushings and shims were manufactured new for the steering system, tires replaced, blasted and painted with new decals.


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