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Tractor Restoration Competition

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Team Name:
Tyler Schimke
1945 / Farmall / A
Paso Robles HIgh School
Paso Robles FFA
Paso Robles, CA
Tractor Details:
I found my tractor locally from a vineyard owner in Paso Robles and brought it home. I completely disassembled the engine, transmission, final drives, ancillary and auxiliary systems. I replaced sleeves, pistons, bearings, seals and gaskets on a complete engine overhaul. I restored the auxiliary systems including the PTO and lights. I purchased a replacement wiring system. Everything was disassembled, repaired and reassembled. This took time, patience, knowledge and funding for the project. Part of my project was funded through two $1,000.00 donations: one from Mr. Morgantini and another from the California International Harvester's Collector's Club. I also had additional donations. In addition to mechanical work, I learned record keeping and organization of receipts. I made contacts with many agricultural and mechanical professionals by working on this project. From working on my project, my self confidence grew and I found a life long interest in agriculture mechanics.


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