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Tractor Restoration Competition

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Team Name:
The Case Brothers
1971 / Case / 970 Black Knight Demonstrator
Medina Valley High School
Medina Valley FFA
Castroville, TX
Tractor Details:
To start off restoring this tractor we began by pressure washing the entire tractor. When we work on projects, we like them to be clean and not leave a mess on all of our tools. While dissembling the tractor, I like to keep all the nuts and bolts and whatever parts clean and organized. Every piece that was taken off was cleaned and labeled so that when it was time to reassemble everything, it was all cleaned and organized. While reassembling the tractor, we like to take our time and make sure everything that we possibly could do was done the right way. Sure enough with time and patience, this tractor came together perfectly and is in better than brand new condition.


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