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Tractor Restoration Competition

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Team Name:
Matthew Machicek
1962 / Oliver / 1800 MFWD
Rogers FFA
Rogers, TX
Tractor Details:
I removed the sheet metal, radiator assembly, fuel system and electrical system. I disassembled the engine and inspected all of the parts. I replaced the liners, bearings, valves, seals, and gaskets. The injector pump and injectors were rebuilt. The rims were in good condition. The rims, sheet metal, and cast pieces were sand blasted by an outside source. The generator and starter were rebuilt. A new wiring harness was installed. I disassembled and inspected the Hydra-Power transmission. I replaced worn and broken parts, and reassembled it. New bearings, seals, and gaskets were installed in the transmission, transfer drive assembly, differential, and axles. The hydraulic pump, seals, and O-rings in the hydraulic system were replaced. I reassembled the tractor. I primed it, followed by a coat of Meadow Green. The rims, hubs and trim were primed followed by a coat of Clover White.


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