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Tractor Restoration Competition

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Team Name:
NorthWood FFA
1969 / Farmall / 756
NorthWood High School
NorthWood FFA
Nappanee, IN
Tractor Details:
The love of tractors is a passion passed down from generation to generation. The tractor restoration project for the NorthWood FFA is a shining example of that transfer with the restoration of a tractor that has been a part of a local family for three generations. This Farmall 756 was purchased by a FFA member's grandfather on the return from his honeymoon. After three generations of use the FFA Chapter had the chance to restore it to its formal glory. Fathers of the FFA members worked as coaches and mentors as the students took the tractor apart, evaluated the problems and worked to bring it back to its beauty. Our community is very generous in providing students with advice, materials and mentoring for their projects. The tractor was torn apart and reassembled at Joel Martin's farm.


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