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Team Name:
Devin Haywood
1970 / International / 826
Hastings High School
Hastings FFA Chapter
Hastings , MI
Tractor Details:
For my 4th and final Delo Tractor Restoration, I restored a 1970 International 826 Gold Demonstrator. This tractor is powered by a 92 hp D-358 German diesel motor that IH put in many of their machines and was well known for its fuel efficiency. I completely disassembled the engine, transmission, final drives, ancillary systems and auxiliary systems. I tried to reuse as many of the original components to keep the tractor as original as possible. I overhauled the engine and replaced the bearings, rings, and gaskets. I also totally disassembled the transmission and inspected all the gears and bearings; and replaced all the seals and gaskets. I evaluated the ancillary systems such as the cooling, electrical, brake, and fuel injection systems and rebuilt or replaced the failing components. I also restored the auxiliary systems including the PTO, hydraulics, and lights by rebuilding them. Thank you Chevron Delo for sponsoring the contest and everyone who has helped me complete my projects!


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