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Tractor Restoration Competition

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Team Name:
Jace Cline
1961 / Ford / 861 Powermaster
East Rowan High School
East Rowan FFA
Salisbury , NC
Tractor Details:
This 1961 Ford 861 Powermaster was my great-grandfather's tractor he bought new in 1961. It has been restored once before, after it was used to start and intentional barn fire in the 1980’s and remained in service until it was parked in 2008. I pulled it out 10 years later and fully restored it during my freshman year of high school. It needed paint and a full mechanical overhaul. I did the overhaul myself and disassembled and checked all auxiliary systems such as PTO, lights, and the hydraulic system, and got it running smoothly. Then, it was time for paint. I stripped off all the old paint and repainted it in Ford red and light Ford grey. I still use this tractor regularly around the farm to cultivate the fields annually, raking and bailing hay and all the other chores around the farm. Annually, I put over 100 hours on the tractor. I see why my great grandfather bought this tractor. It is very maneuverable and powerful. It also pulls a 3 bottom plow with ease and can turn on a dime.


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